How Louisville Makes Me Feel

Thinking of Louisville I get a weird mix of joy to see my family and Monica, and familiarity, and some nice places I have gone to in the past and like to go to now. Yet it also holds lots of sadness and wanting to avoid certain areas because people I went to high school will be there and hating high school. When I pick my sister up at school it is a weird mix of being excited and happy to see see her yet also being reminded of how shitty high school was and running into girls that I would like to avoid for the rest of my life. Thinking about Louisville I get this weird feeling in my stomach of a mix of sadness and sort of anxiety. It is a weird mix of feelings and memories and the sorts. I am unsure if there is any way to change my feelings or if it is something I just need to train myself to think of another way or if I shall just have it be and eventually move away and forget about Louisville.


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