Corruption brings on Emotions

26 June 2017

I felt so troubled after being at this school we visited in the slums of Nairobi but at the moment I could not put reason behind it all. Today it all came together, there is corruption in the leader of the school, yet a foundation that is trying to partner with us continues to give money to the dean money. Of the money they give half goes in his pocket and the other portion goes to the orphans and improving the school. The children sleep in rooms the size of a large closet with bunk beds and sometimes are stacked up to 3. They only have sheets, they have no lights and some children even have to share a twin bed. They have no space for their belongings (if they have any) some don’t even have soap and have only ripped tattered uniforms to live in. The money they donate does not add up to the living conditions of these children, and they are mixing street children with orphans in the same room. Then to hear one was abused by a teacher days before his exam to see if he could get scholarships for high school. Yet this organization refuses to see these things, they do not step in but instead continue to give funding to this corrupt and cruel man. I do not trust their judgment on people anymore, or their work. The school for Gods sake has peeling paint everywhere, no electricity, no computers and yet they think their work is doing so well. I cannot even fathom it. It is like he is walking all over these children for his own profit. I suppose my take away from this is to be careful who you donate your money to because your money is powerful.

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